The Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Research Project study team is pleased to report that enrollment for this study has now been completed.
We are optimistic about initiating a follow-up study in cancer patients in 2016.


Comfor tab l e Study RoomThe study takes place at the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus. Psilocybin is administered in a specially designed living-room style room, decorated with artwork, comfortable furniture, and soft lighting. It specifically avoids a “laboratory” look and feel. Participants take psilocybin while they are relaxed and in supportive dialogue with two experienced study monitors. During most of the session, the participant is encouraged to lie on the couch wearing eyeshades and listening to supportive music through headphones. Thus, rather than conducting invasive medical tasks, the time in which psilocybin is in effect will be spent in quiet internal reflection. The two monitors, with whom the participant has developed a trusting relationship during several preparatory meetings, are available for interpersonal support throughout the entire session.